Behind the Music: Pickleback

Behind the Music: Pickleback

Apologies to all those who thought there was a typo and they were going to get the inside scoop on the how Canada's best boys Nickelback got to be so popular. This is actually the story of our design. 

If you've made it this far into the depths of our blog, you also have likely seen our Pickleback our shirts or sweatshirts. Stating the obvious: The graphic is a mirror image of the word "PICKLE". 

But we've had a few questions from customers and people who walk by us on the street about why it was designed this way. Are they seeing things or is the pickle backwards? And is it even backwards??

The Pickleback design is a nod to:

  1. The BACKhand in PICKLEball
  2. The Pickleback shot at a bar -- if you know, you know
  3. You selfie-lovers and mirror-gazers, so the "PICKLE" will appear correct in your pic/view

And if none of those reasons are compelling to you, at the very least, it will confuse your opponent on the court. 

Shop for Pickleback gear here:

Pickleback Ringer

Pickleback Sweatshirt (Navy)

Pickleback Sweatshirt (Faded Blue)



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