About us

We weren't really "varsity athletes" in high school. Sure, we were fine at sports. We blended in and didn't embarrass ourselves, but never knew the thrill of being a varsity star. So the first time we ever won a pickleball game, it felt like we just might finally be good at something. 

We created Varsity Pickle to celebrate every level of pickle player with gear that makes you proud to play. Everybody makes varsity! Our products are high quality, comfortable, and great for wearing on or off the court. 

We are childhood best friends turned cofounders. Truth be told, we actually love eating pickles almost as much as we love playing pickleball. Karen is located in Chicago, IL and Adele is located in Austin, TX. 

Thanks for supporting Varsity Pickle!

Cofounders Karen Alexander and Adele Hazan

Karen Alexander & Adele Hazan

Cofounders of Varsity Pickle