The Pickleball Gift Guide

We’ve all been there. It’s a birthday, holiday, or just a weekday and we want to buy something for that special someone in our lives who is obsessed with pickleball. They have a paddle they are loyal to and they have balls they insist on exclusively using, so you’re going to need to take a different approach.

At Varsity Pickle, we create gear that celebrates the love and obsession of pickleball. We prominently feature “pickleball” in all of our designs like a badge of honor. It’s gear they can wear before, during, and after they play. 

We created this guide to help you figure out what to buy this year for every kind of pickle person. 

Shop below. 

For the sweaty player: Men's Performance Tech Shirt - Heather Black - $45

Varsity Pickle Mens Performance Tee

Our performance wear is made from soft, sweat wicking material that even the folks who excessively “glisten”  while playing will feel good while wearing our performance tee. And the heather black color is always a crowd-pleaser. 

For the casual player: Vintage Varsity Oversized Sweatshirt - $70

Vintage Varsity Pickleball Sweatshirt

If you’ve got someone you’re buying for who is maybe 20% into pickleball, 30% into Kosher dill pickles, and 50% the kind of person who just likes a cool, new sweatshirt, grab them the Vintage Varsity sweatshirt. It’s our most popular item and looks great on. We recommend sizing down since these run large. 

For the plain player: Pickle Bikers - 7" - $55

There is a rare breed of pickle player who doesn’t actually want to talk about it all the time. They prefer a more understated look that doesn’t lead to small talk from strangers. Our Pickle Biker shorts only has a small hint of pickle with our logo on the back of the shorts. With pockets on the side, you can fit a phone and/or extra pickleball while you play. 

For the shady player: Blue Pickle Rope Hat - $30

You really can’t go wrong getting a hat for your pickle pals, especially our blue pickle rope hat. The modern design is a favorite among most players and it provides great sun coverage while playing.

For the petite player: Women's Performance Tech Short Sleeve Shirt - Lilac - $45 

Women's Performance Tech Pickleball T-Shirt - Pickleball Gift

Whether it’s because they play pickleball multiple times a week or it’s because they have a smaller frame, our women’s performance tech tee is a great option for a petite player. The shirt has a slight crop to it and pairs great with a pickle skirt or leggings. 

For the children of pickle players: P is for Pickleball Kid's Ringer - $25

Your kid might not be ready to be your doubles partner yet, but they have heard you talk about pickleball enough that they deserve something to wear to celebrate their soon-to-be (forced) favorite sport. 

For the picky player: Varsity Pickle Gift Card

There are a lot of wonderful folks you need to get gifts for who just happen to have very strong opinions. If you’re not sure what they’d wear but you know they’ll love Varsity Pickle, get them a gift card and let them pick it out. 

Still undecided?

We thought we really spelled it out for ya, but if you want more options you can shop all of our items here