The First-Ever Major League Pickleball Tournament

The First-Ever Major League Pickleball Tournament

This past weekend, hundreds of fans gathered in Dripping Springs, Texas for the first-ever Major League Pickleball tournament. There were eight teams of four players who competed in matches all weekend of women’s doubles, men’s doubles, co-ed doubles, and tie breaking rounds of singles matches. 

MLP Tournament in Texas

This was the first time we’ve ever seen pro’s play live and we were blown away. These teams were just drafted a week ago, but you could feel their team chemistry from the sidelines. Anna Leigh Waters from the Chimeras was a crowd favorite. At only 14 years old, she was a total powerhouse. It’s not hard to see how she got here though, as her mom Leigh was out there dominating all weekend for the Pickle Ranchers. 


But the team that ultimately took home the big W was BLQK with Rob Nunnery, Irina Tereschenko, Andrea Koop, and Ben Johns. Be sure to check out the matches on YouTube.  

The Winning Team BLQK

We were excited to be a founding partner for this event and had the opportunity to meet so many fellow pickleball fans, vendors, players, and owners throughout the weekend. To those who we met, THANK YOU for the support. We hope to be at another tournament soon, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll wear your new Varsity Pickle gear wherever you play next! 

Adele and Karen at MLP
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